Meg Torwl Videos

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Distributor: Video Out

Towards the day..we are all free. 2007. 90 minutes.
Researcher, Producer, Director, Interviewer, Editor.
Distributor: Video Out.

Women and girls from Canadian First Nations, Iran, Afghanistan, Algeria, Bosnia, Vietnam, Guatemala, Uruguay, Aotearoa, tell their dangerous hopeful stories; through personal narrative, art, poetry, drama, discussions, and demonstrations, recounting their persecution, activism, journeys to and within Canada. Three years in the making, with an all women crew, in 6 languages, featuring over 30 women. Music by Yvette Narlock. DOP Claudia Medina. Editor Lenka Svab. Sound Editor Emma Hendrix.

Dr Sima Samar. 2001. 11 and 40 minute versions.
Producer, Director, Camera 1, Editing.
Distributor: Women for Women Afghanistan.

In December 2001, Dr. Sima Samar received the annual award from Rights and Democracy Canada. She toured across Canada, speaking about her work, running schools and hospitals for women and girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan during the 20 years of war, from her home in a refugee camp in Pakistan. About the lead up to and effects of 911, conditions in Afghanistan under US bombing. Three days after recording her Vancouver presentation, she was named Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan. 

Act Your Age!? 2000. 42 minutes.
Director, Producer, Script, Interviewer, Editor. 
Distributor: Video Out.
10 women aged 16 to 80 talk candidly about age, ageing, ageism, beauty, disability, friends, lovers. Music by Mik Syroid.

where have all the lesbians gone? 2000. 7 minutes.
Director, producer, camera, sound, editor. Distributor: Video Out.
A mockumentary with a serious message, a humorous wake up call to political complacency.